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Patient Reviews

I came to see Mr Haers as I thought my upper wisdom tooth was starting to come through at an angle. Little did I realise they were all impacted and the lower ones were causing inflammation and beginning infection so they all needed to come out.

Although I have had quite a lot of procedures in hospital for some reason, I was very nervous about having my wisdom teeth out. Mr Haers put me at complete ease, reassured me and made an experience I wasn’t looking forward to almost a joy (as much as these things can be)! When I was discharged, I wondered why I had been worried at all.

I would definitely come back to him if I had any other medical issues he deals with, he is very knowledgeable caring and from what I have seen brilliant at what he does. 


Diagnosis: Recurrent pericoronitis caused by mesioangularly impacted lower wisdom teeth. Impacted upper wisdom teeth
Treatment: Surgical removal of all wisdom teeth

Just a very quick thank you for all your help in getting me back a smile! It has taken me 6½ years to get here and with your help I am now one step closer to my new smile.


I had an under bite - where the teeth are misaligned - which need double jaw surgery. The surgeon who was going to perform the operation actually fell ill and referred me to Mr Haers who agreed to see me at very short notice.

Mr Haers immediately put me at ease and answered all my questions about the procedure – as well as those from my parents who were with me on the day for support.

After the surgery Mr Haers made it very clear that I could get in touch at any time with any concerns and when I did he replied straight away even though he was on holiday at the time.

Although it was a major operation he made it seem like it was not a big deal. He was obviously an expert but was able to explain things in a very easy to understand way.

I’m so glad it worked out like it did. He really changed my life. 


Diagnosis: Class III Malocclusion
Treatment: Bimaxillary Surgery

I had two operations - one split the bone as the gum above the teeth had overgrown. Then about a year later I had the second operation on my bottom jaw because of an overbite that was actually crushing my windpipe and affecting my ability to breathe properly. When I talked to Mr Haers he went through a lot of symptoms that seemed irrelevant – snoring, back pain etc – but he knew it was all to do with the jaw.

Mr Haers told me what he thought needed doing and then put me in contact with people who had the procedures before and that put me at ease. It wasn’t a rare or hard procedure but you don’t really hear about it so that reassured me along with how he talked to me every time we met. He would never cut anything short, but go through everything in detail - and not sugar coat the facts either.

Mr Haers came in before the surgery to go through the procedure. He knows the area of work incredibly well and nothing fazes him. He also came round after the surgery when my family were there to see that everything was ok. During the healing process I had regular check-ups and he was always available.

I have to say his receptionists are lovely as well - very welcoming and knew who I was every time I phoned. It’s clear that he personally hires the right people to help him and make sure his patients are treated in the best way possible.  


Diagnosis: Class II Malocclusion
Treatment: Bimaxillary surgery with genioplasty

Thank you for everything in the past few days – the whole experience was a much greater pleasure than I previously dared imagine…. Maybe pleasure is too strong a word, but your professionalism, sense of humour and you have been much appreciated. 


Diagnosis: Tenderness to elements 47 and 48. Missing LR6  
Treatment: Surgical removal of 5 elements. Ridge preservation and insertion of a dental implant 

Can’t thank you enough for all that you have done, and are doing for me. I know I am in safe hands. It means the world. Thank you ever so much


Diagnosis: Detachment of gingiva
Treatment: Harvesting of connective tissues for grafting