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Paediatric Oral Surgery

Mr Haers treats a number of conditions including cleft lip and palate, dental anomalies, facial trauma, frenulum of the lip and tongue, all types of tooth extraction and abnormal jaw growth.

Although these conditions are common, it can nevertheless be worrying and stressful for the family. Mr Haers is able reassure the family that their loved ones are being looked after in the best way possible.

Frenulum Surgery
The Frenulum is a small fold of mucous membrane that extends from the floor of the mouth to the underside of the tongue. Sometimes it can either be too long or too short and it may be necessary to carry out a small procedure to correct this.

The condition commonly known as tongue-tie affects approximately 4-11% of new-born babies and sometimes restricts their feeding.

A quick division of the frenulum can be carried out very easily without much discomfort and feeding can continue as normal immediately after.

Left untreated this can sometimes result in speech difficulties.

Mr Haers examines each patient and assesses the need for intervention on a case by case basis and taking into account the observations from the family to decide the best course of treatment for the patient.